Trimark of Excellence

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Fueling Excellence

Tips to Improve Your Exterior Image

These guidelines will help you make sure the outside of your location is clean and visually appealing to your customers and that they have a nice experience while filling up at the pump.

Download the complete Mystery Shop questionnaire/checklist.
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Shift Duties Checklists

Were the main ID sign, pricing numerals and main ID lighting in good condition?
  • Address cracks and fading on main ID sign on a regular schedule
  • Remove unauthorized signage from main ID sign
  • Make sure that pricing numerals match and are in good condition; LEDs should be clearly visible
  • Clean and replace lighting on a regular schedule
  • Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier if your sign is damaged or needs to be replaced
Was the reader board in good condition with a current message?
  • Update the reader board to reflect a current message
  • Address cracks and fading on reader board on a regular schedule
  • Order missing letters
  • Remove reader board if no longer being used
  • Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier or local sign vendor if your reader board is damaged or needs to be replaced
Were all paved areas clean and in good condition?
  • Address large areas of damaged pavement and/or pot holes
  • Remove any trash present on the lot or fueling island
  • Clean excessive oil stains
Were all landscaped areas and planter boxes, including concrete planters, well maintained and free of litter?
  • Maintain shrubs and grassy areas
  • Remove litter from landscaped areas

Do and Don't

Do and Don't

Remove Litter

Was the canopy clean and in good condition?
  • Clean canopy decals fascia decals and replace if damaged
  • Remove excessive rust, dirt and/or peeling paint
  • Address any noticeable damage
  • Clean underneath the canopy, replace any lights that are out and remove any peeling paint
  • Remove any unauthorized signage from canopy poles
  • Replace missing, damaged or fading/peeling channel letters; ensure they are left-justified

Canopy Cleaning

Seam Failure

Was the retail location well lit with functioning exterior building lights?
  • Replace canopy and building lights on a regular schedule; no more than two should be out at any given time
  • Clean and replace lighting fixtures on a regular schedule

Do and Don't

Do and Don't

Well Lit Location

Was the fueling dispenser clean, well maintained and in working order?
  • Clean and remove residue from gasoline fueling dispensers and valances
  • Make sure that dispenser is clean and presents the correct brand image
  • Replace broken dispenser hoses as necessary; no more than one hose should be out of order at any given time
  • Replace damaged or faded dispenser decals

Do and Don't

Do and Don't

Clean Dispensers

Did pump toppers have current CITGO POP?

Pump Toppers and MDUs

Are Marketing Display Units (MDUs) stocked with credit card applications or CITGO promotional flyers?
  • Stock credit card application holders with CITGO-approved messages
  • Replace credit card applications that are faded or water damaged
  • Replace damaged/missing credit card application holders as necessary; no more than one should be broken/missing at any given time
  • Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier to order replacement MDUs
  • MDU Installation Instructions

Pump Toppers and MDUs

Were squeegees, paper towels, and fresh cleaning fluid available at each island?
  • Ensure windshield caddies are available and well maintained at each fueling island
  • Make squeegees and paper towels available to all customers
  • Replace cleaning solution in windshield caddy frequently to ensure freshness
Was the island dispenser credit card reader machine (CRIND) functioning properly?
  • Replace damaged CRINDs; no more than one should be out of service at any given time
  • Ensure receipt paper is fully stocked
Were the gasoline island curbs, bollards and building curbs in good condition?
  • Repair damaged island and building curbs if bent, chipped or rusted
  • Ensure all island curbs and bollards are painted gray and are free of chips
  • Contact Rugid Guard to repair damaged island curbs and bollards (618-477-1617;
  • Contact your CITGO gasoline supplier to order paint and/or reflective decals for bollards
  • Rugid Guard

Bollard Island Curbing

Were the trash containers available, clean and not overflowing?
  • Ensure trash containers are available at each fueling island
  • Keep trash containers clean and well maintained; they should not be overflowing
  • Pick up and dispose of excess trash overflowing from trash containers
Was the exterior outdoor signage (on the lot, area by the front entrance and on the building) current and professionally designed?
  • Ensure all outdoor signage reflects current CITGO promotions
  • Ensure all outdoor signage meets with CITGO image guidelines
Was the building exterior clean and well maintained?
  • Ensure building exterior is clean and free of dirt, grime, rust, etc.
  • Keep windows and sign frames clean
  • Repaint if exterior paint is peeling or faded
Was the dumpster area clean and well maintained?
  • Ensure dumpster area is clean and free of dirt, grime, etc.
  • Pick up and dispose of excess trash overflowing from dumpster

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Need Help?

Please contact your CITGO gasoline supplier with any questions regarding the Trimark of Excellence program, your Mystery Shop results, etc.