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Become a Club CITGO Premium Location Today!

There is no additional cost to become a Club CITGO Premium* location-just extra revenue! Just follow the six easy steps below.

Step 1
Step 1

Attend a "Learn More About Club CITGO" webinar.
(see Rollout Schedule below)

Step 2
Step 2

Complete the online application.
You will receive an email notification from Club CITGO with your username and password once this step is complete.

Step 3
Step 3

Train your employees using the Cashier Training Video located on the Training tab.

Step 4
Step 4

Set up the Club CITGO coupon key on your register. Instruction below: GIlbarco Passport, Wayne Nucleus, Verifone.

Step 5
Step 5

Attend a "Manage the Program" webinar (see Rollout Schedule below) or Log in and watch the Account Management training videos.

Step 6
Step 6

Set Up a Fountain and Coffee Deal or Reward and Lunch!

Rollout Schedule

Webinar "What is Club CITGO Premium?" 20-Mar 17-Apr 15-May 19-Jun 17-Jul 21-Aug 18-Sep 16-Oct 20-Nov 18-Dec
CLub CITGO Premium Registration Deadline 31-Mar 30-Apr 31-May 30-Jun 31-Jul 31-Aug 30-Sep 31-Oct 30-Nov 31-Dec
Webinar "How do I manage the Club CITGO Premium Program?" 31-Mar 10-Apr 8-May 12-Jun 10-Jul 14-Aug 11-Sep 9-Oct 13-Nov 11-Dec
Club CITGO Premium Launches 20-Mar 17-Apr 15-May 19-Jun 17-Jul 21-Aug 18-Sep 16-Oct 20-Nov 18-Dec


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* Store number found on your receipt

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Need help? Our Customer Service Center is here to help!

  • 1-888-2-Go-Club
  • Live Chat

To register, email your preferred webinar date and time (10 a.m. or 2 p.m. CST) to
Space is limited to 15 participants per webinar.

* Club CITGO Premium locations have registered on and can accept deals and rewards in addition to participating in sweepstakes, where allowed by law. They are listed in color on the app. All other locations are listed in black and white on the app and can only participate in sweepstakes, where allowed by law.